Article 1 (Purpose)

These General Conditions are to stipulate the terms and conditions for the use of BIGBOX( "Service")provided by Woongjin Compass Co., Ltd.(hereinafter "Company") and to define other necessary matters.

Article 2 (The effect and application and the modification of the General Conditions)

1) The contents of these Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon disclosure through the "Terms of Service". When these Terms and Conditions are modified, the Company shall announce the modified terms and conditions without delay. In addition, if a user downloads the BIGBOX app and uses its contents and services, he or she is considered to agree to these terms agreement. From the time a user agree to the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions will be applied to the user. When there are any changes to the Terms and Conditions, the changed Terms and Conditions will be applied from the time the change becomes effective.2) The Company may change these Terms and Conditions if it is deemed necessary, and if the Terms and Conditions are changed, the changed Terms and Conditions, after the applicable date is determined, shall be announced on the website 7 days prior to the application date. However, if the Terms and Conditions to be modified may disadvantage to our members, they will be notified 30 days on the website prior to an effective date, or a user will be notified when he or she accesses the mobile service. The modified Terms and Conditions will take effect from the effective date that has been published in advance.3) The member may terminate this General Conditions (or withdraw his or her membership) if there is an objection to changed Terms and Conditions. If you continue to use the Service after the effective date of the modified Terms of Service, you are considered to have agreed to the modified Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 (Definitions)1) The definitions used in this Agreement are as follows:1. The term "Member" refers to a member that has agreed to the Terms and Conditions and signed the membership of BIGBOX and has been granted eligibility for those services.2. The term "Service" refers to any services, including all learning contents and the SNS, the Company provides through the BIGBOX website and apps.3. "Paid Service" refers to the chargeable service for the use of the service provided by the Company to a member.4. "Terminal" refers to a mobile device that can Install and drive BIGBOX, such as a smartphone, a tablet PC, or the app.  5. "Account" refers to the combination of letters, numbers and special characters selected by the member and granted by the Company for the identification of a member and the use of a mobile service. Alternatively, a user can use his or her e-mail address provided by a platform vendor such as Facebook, as an account for identification.6. "Account Information" refers to collective information including the General information (the member's e-mail address, password, and name) provided by the member to the Company and the generated information (the service usage information, billing status, etc). However, if a member chooses to use an email address provided by a platform operator of Section 5, the account information provided by the platform provider made up of special numbers or letters (for example, TID, UID, App Center ID, etc.) will be used as a user’s account information.  7. "Open Market" refers to a space that intermediates a transaction between the Company and its members so that a member can download the app with or without charge. (For example, Apple App Store, Google Play App Store, Naver App Store, etc)8. The "In-app billing" refers to the act of payment for the purchase of learning contents from the app (texts, pictures, audio, video, etc.), functions, fixed-term service, etc.9. The "internal app's content" refers to learning contents from the app (texts, pictures, audio, video, etc.), functions, etc.10. The "fixed term service" refers to a service that a member uses only for a fixed term service that he or she has paid for.11. The “installment payment service" refers to a service whose fixed term service is periodically charged monthly or yearly basis through the Open Market2) The definitions of the terms not defined in this Terms and Conditions are in accordance with those in relevant laws and regulations, or other general commercial practices.

Article 4 (The commencement of Use of Services)①     The Company shall start to provide the service from the time the member accepts the offer for use. However, in the case of some services, those services can be started from a designated date by the Company in case it is deemed necessary.②     If the Company fails to commence its service due to business or technical difficulties, the failure will be posted on the website or notified to the member.

Article 5 (The Provision of Service)1) The Company offers the following services to its members.1. Language learning services and related value-added services through the e-book and video contents2) The Company provides 24/7/365 service as long as there is no business or technical difficulty in principle. However, in case of operational necessity such as the periodical inspection of the system, the expansion and replacement of its server, the addition of new contents, the patches for various bugs, the replacement with new service, and others, the service may be suspended for a certain period of time. For operational purposes or for reasons of the relevant acts, service may be provided for a specific time during a day. In the case of the above, the Company will notify users of the contents and time in advance on the homepage or the homepage related to individual service. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company cannot notify in advance, it may notify in an ex-post manner.3) The Company can charge payment for certain services.4) In providing the services, the Company may require members to enter into separate Terms and Conditions in addition to these Terms and Conditions. The services that require separate Terms and Conditions may be used by a member after he or she has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the app, has applied for his or her use and has gained an approval from the Company.5) When the Company provides services to the members, it can restrict some services to them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the ages of its members, and the procedure in the use of service. In this case, the Company will inform you in advance.

Article 6 (The Protection and Use of Personal Information)1) The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of members, including the registration information of members as required by related laws. The protection and use of personal information for its members is subject to applicable laws and the Company's privacy policy. However, the Company's privacy policy is not applied to linked sites, other than the Company's official website.2) When necessary, the Company may require a member to ask for a member's identification card or an equivalent certificate after notifying the member of the reason (purpose). The Company shall not use the information gained for any purpose other than the previously notified purpose, and shall destroy it in a manner that the information cannot be reproduced immediately when the purpose is achieved.3) The Company will not be responsible for any information of a member, including the member's account information, exposed due to reasons attributable to the member himself or herself.

Article 7 (The Management and Change of Personal Information)Members shall keep their own personal information in good faith in order to use the Service, and shall change their changed information if there are any changes in their personal information. Members will be responsible for damages caused by the delays in or the omission of change of the member's personal information.

Article 8 (The Provision of Information and the Placement of Advertisement)1) The Company may place advertisements in order to maintain the service, etc., and its members agree to advertisement that may be exposed when using the service.2) The Company shall not bear any responsibility for loss or damage caused by its user’s participation in, communication with or transaction with a third party’s advertisement of Paragraph 1 provided by the Company.3) The Company may request its member additional information about the individual for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the service to the member. The member can approve the Company’s request and provide additional his or her information or refuse to do so.4) The Company may use the personal information gathered from the member with the prior consent from the member and send an advertisement of Paragraph 1 through SMS (LMS), smartphone notification (push notification), and e-mail. Members may opt out at any time if they do not wish to receive an advertisement.

Article 9 (In-app billing)1) The BIGBOX app includes "In-app billing" function for purchasing internal app's contents.2) The member shall prevent a third party's in-app billing by using the password setting function of a terminal and the password setting function provided in the Open Market. The Company shall apply the modules and libraries that are applied with the certification process provided by the Open Market in accordance with the Recommendations from the Korea Communications Commission and the Billing Guidelines of the Open Market Mobile Contents.3) The Company does not bear any responsibility for a third party's in-app billing that may occur because the member has not used the password setting function of his or her terminal and the Open Market.4) Members are responsible for paying for an in-app billing.5) As YouTube is a free service, you can watch BIGBOX and YouTube for free at any time. BIGBOX's "in-app billing" is for the function and contents of BIGBOX, not for charging for watching YouTube.

Article 10 (The Use of Contents)1) Except for special contents that has limitation in a service duration, members may use the contents that have been purchased without limitation or additional fees during a term in which the service is normally provided. However, if a member purchases items, such as contents and items, by using the network services within the application, additional charges may be incurred.2) The contents that have been purchased are downloadable or are only available in a terminal device where the contents have been installed. However, if account sharing allows you to use your downloaded contents in another terminal, depending on the nature of the open market,  a user some contents may do so, which is subject to the policy of the open market. If a user change his or her device or number, or use international roaming, the user will not be able to use all or some of the features of the contents; in this case, the Company will not bear any responsibility.

Article 11 (The Change and Suspension of Service)1) The Company may change its services due to operational or technical needs. The contents of the service to be changed and the date of the service provision will be posted on the website and notified in advance. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances such as fatal bugs, server device defects, and emergency security problems that the Company cannot notify in advance, the Company may give an ex-post notice.2) The Company may give an ex-ante 30 day notice on the website in advance and stop providing its services if it needs to stop all services due to planned or operational reasons or urgent situations. Members cannot claim compensation for the Paid Services that have expired at the end of the service. For the paid contents and services whose warranty periods are not indicated or marked "Permanent", the Company will regard as that of service the period from the point of the announcement of discontinuance of its service to the announced termination date of its service.3) The Company may limit or stop all or part of its service in the following cases in the subparagraphs below.1. If there is force majeure, such as a war, natural disaster or national emergency2. In case of interruption of normal service due to power outage, disorder of facilities or traffic congestion3. In case of inevitable cases due to construction of service equipment, etc.4. If the Company cannot provide services due to its circumstances4) In the case of the suspension of service due to the paragraph 2, the Company will post its notice on the homepage of the Company. However, if such suspension is due to reasons beyond the control of the Company, causing the impossibility of an in-advance notice, the Company will not do so.5) The Company is not liable for problems caused by the changes or stop of its service.

Article 12 (The Collection of Information)1) The Company may collect and use the mobile terminal device settings of its members to improve the quality of mobile services, such as its mobile service operation and program stabilization.

Article 13 (The Obligations of the Company)1) The Company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations, and shall faithfully perform the fulfillment of its rights and obligations set forth by these Terms and Conditions in good faith.2) The Company shall establish a security system to protect personal information, so that its members can securely access the service, and shall make disclosures of and be in compliance with its Privacy Policy. The Company shall not disclose or provide any personal information of members to a third party, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions.3) When the Company’s equipment is damaged or its data are lost while the Company is improving the service in order to provide its continuous and stable service, the Company shall make every effort to repair or repair it without delay unless there are unavoidable reasons, such as natural disasters, emergencies, defects and obstacles that cannot be solved by the present technology.4) If the opinion or complaint filed by a member is deemed reasonable, the Company shall have it processed immediately.  However, when it is difficult to process it immediately, the Company can notify the member of the reason and the processing schedule by telephone or e-mail that has been collected by the member's prior consent.

Article 14 (The Obligations of Members)1) The members shall not conduct the following acts.1. The Company’s member shall not use information other than his or her real name or another person's information when providing the Company with personal information for reasons such as participating in events.2. The Company’s member shall not steal another person's email addresses and passwords of others, or give fraudulent information.3. Without the Company's prior consent the Company’s member shall not conduct the reproduction, distribution, promotion, or commercial use of information obtained through the use of the Company's services.4. The Company’s member shall not use the Company's services to generate the member’s or another’s benefits.  5. The Company’s member shall not give a damage to another' honor.6. The Company’s member shall not make the unauthorized use of a payment means without the consent of its owner.7. The Company’s member shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights of the Company, those of third parties, and the right of likeness.8. The Company’s member shall not collect, store, disseminate and publish the personal information of other members without the approval of the Company9. The Company’s member shall not register or distribute virus or infectious material that misuses the software bug in program or causes the malfunction of equipment related to its service or the destruction or confusion of its information.10. The Company’s member shall not send any information that may intentionally interfere with the operation of the Company's services or the stable operation of the Services, or send advertising information against the wish of a recipient who explicitly denies the advertising information.11. The Company’s member shall not act as a third person and misrepresent the relationship with others12. The Company’s member shall not be engaged in or publish obscene, vulgar information, put a link (link) to obscene sites, or display unapproved ads and promotions.13. The Company’s member shall not induce or participate in gambling activities14. The Company’s member shall not transmit and disseminate the words, sounds, texts, images or videos that may cause shame, disgust, or fear.15. The Company’s member shall not change the information posted on the Service.

16. The Company’s member shall not transfer, publish, disseminate, or use any software viruses, other malware, files containing files, or programs that are designed for the purpose of interfering with or destroying the normal operation of mobile software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.17. The Company’s member shall not post or send email by impersonating its employee, the operator of the Company or another person.18. The Company’s member shall not conduct any miscellaneous violations of public order and morals or any violations of related laws.2) The Company’s member shall be in compliance with the notices announced regarding the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, its guidelines, and its mobile services, and with the general notice by the Company.3) The Company may decide a specific type of behavior, defined in the above Paragraph 1 and 2 and one the below subparagraphs, in the Operational Policy, and the members have an obligation to abide by it.1. Restrictions on how to use the service2. Matters that the Company deems necessary for the operation of the mobile service to the extent that such matters do not infringe on the essential rights of other members to use mobile services.

Article 15 (The Ownership of Copyright, Restrictions on the Use of Copyright)1) The copyright and other intellectual property rights for the contents created by the Company within the service are owned by the Company.2) The copyright of the material posted by a member will be reserved to the author of the posted material.3) The materials posted by members in the service may be exposed in search results and related promotions, and may be modified, duplicated, edited, and published within the scope necessary for such exposure. In this case, the Company is in compliance with the Copyright Law, and its members can take action at any time through the Customer Center or through the Service management functions to remove such postings, exclude search results, or make them private.4) The Company shall obtain the prior consent of the members through a telephone call, FAX, e-mail, etc to use the posted materials of the members in a manner other than the above Paragraph 2.5) The Company’s members may not use part or all of the information (the member obtained by using mobile services provided by the Company) which belongs to the intellectual property rights of the Company or a service provider, for commercial purposes, or may not allow any third parties to do so, through reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcast or other without prior consent.6) Without the express consent of a member, the Company shall not use commercially the User’s Contents belonging to the members that are not integrated with mobile services (for example, postings in the general board) or transferable to the app, and the member may remove such contents at any time.7) If the Company determines that the postings in mobile services that members have posted or registered correspond to the prohibited acts prescribed in

Article 14, it may delete, move or refuse registration without prior notice.8) The members whose legal interests have been violated due to the information posted on the bulletin boards operated by the Company may request the Company to delete the disclosed information and post his or her rebuttal. In this case, the Company shall promptly take necessary actions and notify him or her of the actions.  

Article 16 (Member's Postings)1) The loss or problems caused by the posting of members are the member's personal responsibility and the Company shall not be responsible for it.2) The Company may move postings without notice if it is necessary for administrative purposes.3) If the Company receives a legal claim from a third party because a member's posting infringes the rights of others, the member who has created the posting shall indemnify the Company from the legal charge and actively cooperate for the Company. If the Company fails to be indemnified, the member shall be liable for any matter arising therefrom.4) If the posting a member has posted or delivered is determined to become any categories of the following subparagraphs of the Company, the Company can delete them without notice and can also deny such member’s registration.1. If a content that defamates another member, infringes another member’s privacy, or damages another member’s reputation by slander.2. If there is any possibility of obstacle or loss in stable operation of the service3. If the content is deemed to be related to a criminal act4. If a content infringes on the intellectual property rights of the Company and third parties

Article 17 (Paid Services and Paid Members)1) When the Company has accepted the application for membership use (in the case of some new services, from a specified date previously announced after receiving the application for use), the Paid Services will be commenced. If the Company cannot commence service due to its own technical reasons or other circumstances, the Company shall notify the member in advance in accordance with the method of

Article 8.

2) If a member makes an application for use, the Company shall notify the member.  If the member who has received the notice of the Company finds inconsistency between his offer and the Company’s acceptance, the member shall request the correction of such discrepancy and the Company shall take care of it at the member's request. However, if payment has already been made, it shall be subject to the provision of

Article 18 concerning the withdrawal of subscription.3) The Company then offers Paid Services in the following cases, and the member may add or change the contents of the service according to the circumstances of the Company and other conditions. The contents of each Paid Service are presented in detail to the members on the Paid Services Purchase page in the BIGBOX services website.1. Automatic Billing Type Service: The payment for a product is automatically made on a monthly basis by the member through a payment means, and the period of use is automatically renewed.2. Fixed Term Purchase Service: The payment for a product is for the period of use, and is made by the member through a payment means.5) In accordance with a contract between the Company and an individual, organization, or corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the right holder") that provides, the content of the individual contract, and the request of the right holder, the use of individual Paid Services may be restricted, or the terms of use may be changed in advance or afterwards.

Article 18 (The Change of Member's Paid Service Products)1)  Changing the goods or a Paid Service subscription members have already purchased may not in principle be available.2) In the event that there is a change in the Paid Services product, the Company will notify a member in advance of the facts and contents and the modification date in accordance with the provisions of

Article 8 of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 19 (Payment)In principle, the payment for purchased contents will be charged according to the methods and policies set by mobile carriers, the open market, and the BIGBOX app, and the member shall make the payment according to the prescribed method. Depending on the policies of the Company, the payment providers (mobile carriers, the open market stores, the application store, etc.), and the government, a payment limit may be granted for each means of payment.

Article 20 (Withdrawal of subscription and refund of purchase price)1) A paid member may request the Company to cancel the payment (the withdrawal of his or her offer) within 7 days from the payment date, provided that the Paid Services or the goods have not been used at all.2) If a paid member applies for the withdrawal of his or her offer for the subscribed products after a cancellation period (within 7 days from the settlement date) with regard to the Paid Services or products that can be withdrawn from the subscription date under Paragraph 1, or in the case of the content that falls under the restrictions of the withdrawal of an offer prescribed by laws, such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Contents Industry Promotion Act, the Guidelines for Protection of Online Digital Content Users, etc, its revocation of offer (subscription) will be limited. ① Automatic Billing Type Services: Members may terminate the "Big Box" service at any time, and the "Big Box" service will continue to be available until the end of the period covered by the monthly fee. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, a member’s payment is non-refundable, and no refunds or credits will be given for an unused period during a month.② For a cancellation of membership, your account will be automatically terminated at the end of a current membership period. The point of account termination can be checked by clicking on the "My Payment Details" page.③ Fixed Term Purchase Service: the Company will refund the amount equivalent to an amount after the deduction of the following from the original payment: the number of days of use from the date of termination, the fee required to use the service (including settlement fee), and 10% of the remaining amount for unused serviceRefund amount = "purchase amount - purchase price / the number of days * (purchase date   the date of requesting refund) - all fees - 10% of the remaining amount for unused service④ In the case of book products, the refund amount will be determined based on our book product’s Terms of Service.⑤ If the event award has been delivered, the amount deducted from the amount paid will be refunded after deduction.⑥ Learning aids are not returnable once a user opens it. If a user wants to return before opening, he or she can have a refund after deducting the round-trip courier fee.3) The cancellation of members’ offer is effective when members’ intention reaches the Company by phone, e-mail, etc. After receipt of the intention of the member, the Company shall reply to such members without delay.4) After the Company confirms the cancellation of a member’s offer and a member’s request of termination, the Company will request the stoppage or cancellation of the charge of a settlement provider by payment means within three business days from the date of receipt of the member’s request. In principle, the Company will refund through the same payment means. However, when the Company notifies the member in advance, there may be differences in a refund method and a refundable period by payment means as specified in each of the following cases.

1. Within 3 business days from the receipt confirmation in the case of a payment means that requires the confirmation of payment, such as a credit card2. A refund is made after the deadline in the case where the billing claim suspension or the settlement cancellation deadline is set in advance through the agreement between the Company and a settlement provider by payment means3. In the event that a member has gained the benefit through the Paid Service / products, a profit is obtained or the member terminates the contract in the middle.4. If the member does not immediately provide the Company with the information or materials necessary for the refund processing (not submitting the applicant's account for receiving refund and the applicant's identification/ providing the account of another person, etc.)5. If a member has an explicit express of intention6) In accordance with Guidelines of Online Digital Content User Protection, the Company may refund after deduction of expenses or fees that the Company has already burdened or will burden as shown in the following subparagraphs.1. If 1/4 of the total service period has elapsed, within 30% of the total charged amount2. In the event of the cancellation or termination due to the member's cause, within the range of up to 50% of the total charged amount (No refund if the refundable amount is 1,000 won or less)7) For services that are not paid directly by members (members receive Paid Services or merchandises / free gifts through promotions), the Company will not be liable for the refund.8) If a member violated the membership obligations set forth in this agreement, the Company may cancel or terminate the service agreement, put limitation of the service, or proceed with legal claims. If there is any amount to be refunded after termination of the contract, the Company will deduct the amount that the member will bear from a certain amount and then give a refund of the deducted amount. In this case, the member may file a complaint in accordance with the procedure set by the Company, and if the Company finds it proper for the member to raise such issue, the service may be resumed.9) In the case of the Paid Services under the automatic monthly installment payment, Depending on the application or consent of a member, if the member delays paying for the use of the Paid Services, The service may be canceled automatically on the day of failure to pay. Thus, members who wish to maintain benefits of the automatic monthly installment payment must take measures to prevent the default of payment or the delinquency in a payment means in advance. .10) If a member who use the Paid Services under the automatic monthly installment payment terminates his or her membership, the Paid Service will be immediately terminated, in which case the relevant records, including a member’s information, will be completely deleted, except as prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 21 (The Termination of Service Contract and the Suspension of the Use of Service)1) When using Paid Services provided by the Company, members shall comply with related laws, these Terms and Conditions, the detailed usage guideline, the service usage guideline and the notices posted on the website, and what the Company notifies its members regarding the use of the service, and shall not impair the reputation of the Company or a third party, or interfere with the performance of the services or other business activities.2) The members are responsible for managing his or her e-mail address and password, and a member shall not allow anyone other than the member himself or herself to use the Site. A member is responsible for the consequences of allowing another person to use the member’s information to get the Paid Services. Members shall not steal or misuse another’s name, e-mail address, password, mobile phone number, account number, and credit card number.3) Except as permitted by the Company in advance, members may not use the Paid Services for commercial purposes, such as sales activities, or for any activities that are prohibited or not permitted by these Terms and Conditions.4) Members shall not engage in any unlawful acts and goodwill, or in actions against social order in the course of using the Paid Services, and shall not engage in transactions with third parties or convert their membership into cash.5) Members, without prior approval of the Company, may not use the information obtained through Paid Services for any purpose other than the use of the Services.6) Members shall neither use the contents and data, including educational contents within the range of their personal use nor make offers to third parties or use them for commercial purpose. Also, members shall not illegally disseminate or share voice services recorded or downloaded, responsible for various problems caused by their violations.7) If there is a violation by a member falling on a category of the above Subparagraph 1 to 6, the Company may notify the member of his or her violation, suspend the service for one month, or cancel or terminate this service use contract. The expressed intention of the Company in this paragraph shall become effective from the date indicated to the Members. In the case of the cancellation, termination and suspension of the service by the Company, the member may file a complaint in accordance with the procedure set by the Company, and if the Company finds it proper for the member to raise such issue, the service may be resumed.

8) Members who do not enter their information for the use of the Paid Services will not be legally protected and may be restricted from using the service.9) Minors under the age of 19 must obtain the consent of a legal guardian to use the Paid Services and acquire the adult certification through real name authentication in accordance with Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, etc. and Information Protection Act and the Juvenile Protection Act. If a user does not go through his or her real name verification, the use of the service will be restricted.

Article 22 (The Compensation for Damages)1) If the Company has caused damage to its members due to intentional act or gross negligence, the Company shall be liable for their damages2) If members have done damage to the Company in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the members will bear the burden of compensation for the damage for the Company.

Article 23 (The Disclaimer of the Company)1) The Company shall not be liable for damages occurring to a member or a third party due to the following reasons in the following subparagraphs.1. If the Company cannot provide its Paid Services due to natural disasters or force majeure2. If the member has neglected to keep his or her e-mail address or password3. If the service is not available due to the failure of the public telecommunication line, not the telecommunication line of the Company4. In case of the voluntary action/negligence of a third party, including educational content providers or service-related affiliates5. In the case of a failure of telecommunication service not attributed to the Company's reason2) The Company shall not be held liable for the loss of a member’s expected benefit that may be gained from the Service and the damages arising from the downloading and the use of postings on the Service. In addition, the Company shall not be held liable for the accuracy of postings, including reviews and ratings posted by members on the site.3) The Company has no obligation to intervene in disputes between third parties arising out of or relating to the Services, including the dispute between members or between a member and an educational content provider, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from reasons not attributed to the Company.

Article 24 (The Notification to Member)1) If the Company notifies the member, the e-mail address and text message specified by the member can be used.2) If the Company notifies all members, the Company may substitute the notice in Paragraph 1 in this Article with the postings on the initial screen of the app and a pop-up screen for 7 days or more.

Article 25 (Other rules)The matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Act on the Regulation of the Terms and Conditions, the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage Promotion and Information Protection, and the Contents Industry Promotion Act.

26 (Jurisdiction and Law)These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. If a dispute arises between the Company and a member, a court in accordance with the procedures set forth in the laws of the Republic of Korea shall be a court with competent jurisdiction.

Supplementary Provision 1These Terms and Conditions will be effective on July 12, 2017.